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FindAway Voices is one of the top places online to put your audiobook if you want to get it across multiple audiobook platforms. FindAway Voices takes a 30% cut from each audiobook you sell. They also take a certain percentage for taxes.

On the site, you will upload your audio content with the standard guidelines on ACX. There will then be content blocks where you can drag and drop your audio segments. You will not be able to upload the audiobook as one file. Each audiobook app needs to know which section needs to know where the listener is at…

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Don’t be afraid to show off your products and sell them to your friends. So if you’ve been with me for any length of time, you know, I sell audiobooks and, and everything of the sort. I teach people how to do it as well, and I also help people make them.

I even will narrate audiobooks for other people as well. So, whenever I have a new audiobook or new project I’m working on I will gladly show it to people that I know in my community or, that I’ve grown up with.

Recently, I went to my barber…

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Recently, I signed up for Fiverr again, and I’m getting used to seeing all the gigs and how everything works. Upwork was where I was when it came to getting freelance gigs. The best thing about Fiverr is that the clients come to you. Making money and getting clients is the hard part on both websites or any other freelancing site.

The reason why I believe that everyone should be a freelancer at some point is that your job can be taken from you at any point. Whether you’ve been working there for one year at your company or 20…

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Audible is the most popular place on the internet to listen to audiobooks. To produce these audiobooks, narrators and authors have to register and sign up for an ACX account. ACX is the backend site where you upload the audio segments to audiobooks. Anyone can sign up for ACX and audible and start producing audiobooks.

I got interested in producing audiobooks nearly two years ago. I wanted to make stories that people wanted to hear. The first audiobook that I made was ‘Growing the Game’: Baseball’s Popularity, History, Rules and How to Grow Baseball’.

I specifically wrote this book to…

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You can provide value anywhere in the world. Think about that for a minute. So the other night, I sold a course. It was the first mastery course that I ever sold. The cost was $200. The course is on Gumroad, and Gumroad took its 8.5% fee plus a 30 cent fee on top of it. So I wound up with about $182 at the end of it all. So after the taxes and the fees, I managed to come out on top. That is 182 dollars going into the bank account.

Now the reason why I wanted to write…

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Hello there again my friend. It’s Adam Rothstein. I have learned quite a lot over these past 18 months. One of the things that I’ve learned to do quite well is producing audio e-cards. Now audio e-cards are just like what they sound like. They are E-cards with a sample of audio or video to produce these e-cards.

For making e-cards, I use Canva and Adobe Premiere Pro. These tools help me import audio files with a JPEG or another video. You can customize any file that you want to produce any audio e-card. …

Booby Fischer thinking about his next move

Hello again, my friend it’s Adam Rothstein. We are living in an era where we are politically divided, added. People are searching for a purpose and some fun, and maybe even some new skills. What I think can make a huge improvement in everyone’s life, Is if they learned the game chess. Not only would this help people strategize in the game, but it would also help them plan out their life, their days, and even their daily tasks.

Thinking a few moves ahead can help you with whatever you are doing in your life. Chess has often been considered…

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When it comes to audiobook publishing it can be similar to traditional book publishing and different in some ways. If you are to publish an audiobook on Amazon, FindAway Voices or Authors Republic, you must have at least an eBook copy of the book published. For traditional publishing you can decide whether to do an eBook, paperback/hardback or both.

To get started, you don’t have to have the most up to date computer or microphone. So long as you have a USB microphone, a laptop and editing software, anyone can get started. Once you have your equipment…

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Hello again, my friend it’s Adam Rothstein, once again. So I recently released my master course on publishing called the publish mastery course. This course helps people publish audiobooks, regular books, eBooks, and I even show you how to create picture audiobooks with animated text. This course was a challenge for me to produce, and I’m grateful that Gumroad exists.

Gumroad is different from other online learning platforms because you don’t have to pay monthly fees for it, like But instead, they take a higher percentage of your sales. So they take about 8%. That is 3% for payment…

The main cover of Dribbling Freedom

Today anyone can become an author overnight. Amazon has become the primary place online for publishing books, whether it’s in audio format, eBook format, or a regular paperback book.

The hardest part of publishing any book is writing the book. Aside from the marketing aspect of publishing, your story is key to everything. If you don’t have the story, you will have nothing to publish.

Writing a good story can make a difference in how well your book sells. If you write a good story and have a good marketing campaign upfront. Your readers will tend to share your story…

Adam Rothstein

Sports and tech writer

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