Audio Is Just As Important As Video If Not More Important

Adam Rothstein
2 min readDec 20, 2021
Audio Soundboard

Audio is just as important as video. Now hear me out. Audio gives us that special component to our videos. It’s kind of like the cheese on your pasta or cinnamon on your french toast.

It gives us that extra kick to our food. Most people don’t want to eat food without spices. Watching videos without audio is similar to this. It’s the spices that make the difference in our food, and it’s the message behind the videos that make them compelling to watch.

Imagine watching Mr. Beast videos on mute or imagine watching an instructional video on mute. You can get value out of it, but were you intrigued? Did you fully understand what was going on in the video?

Audio breaths life into videos. On December 20th, 1980, The New York Jets took on the Miami Dolphins in Miami. The Game was broadcast on NBC and there were no announcers to explain what was going on. The game was bland, and most fans didn’t appreciate this. Only during the intermissions and commercial breaks did fans receive context. They brought in several sports analysts to describe what happened each quarter. This turned out to be a terrible way to broadcast sports.

You may not be able to understand what you see at first. Audio provides the context to what is happening. Whether it’s in video format or audio format. If you listen to podcasts like me, you know that you want to hear something that will capture your ears. You want that nice story to go along with your run. Or you want something nice to listen to when you do chores around the house. You want to be entertained. You want to hear a message that resonates with you.

Stories inspire people. Audio is one powerful tool to put in your repertoire of storytelling. It can be used in many different formats. Not just in WAV or MP3 files, but for videos as well. Audio can still provide a visual representation and give us the context necessary to describe the characters and story.

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