Censorship It’s Not Just a Word

Adam Rothstein
3 min readOct 2, 2021


No Censorship

Censorship. It’s not just a word. It has affected many areas of history for those that want to sensor others, they are afraid of what others have to say. Censorship can be a downfall to a society. Not allowing other people to speak who have differing opinions can be damaging. If you have many horrible ideas and don’t let any newer ideas into the conversation, you cannot grow as a person. Societies also can’t grow when there’s censorship.

There must be free speech in this world. Without it, we cannot grow as people, and we cannot empathize with other people. Understanding another person’s opinion is important for your self-development and others. Once you can understand someone else’s opinion, you can recognize what works and what doesn’t. You can then discuss ideas about what to do to improve upon those ideas.

You can even recognize that even your ideas don’t hold up. From there, you can change your mind. Free speech allows for the practice of different ideologies, whether that’s religion, hobbies, or just people gathering together,

Free speech involves groups, individuals, or even one individual peaceably assembling. It doesn’t have to be in a specific place. But as long as you are not on anyone else’s property, you always have that right. With the age of the internet, free speech has only grown. With that, you have many outlets such as medium.com and substack.com. These platforms allow new readers to find you and other writers that they may potentially like. From there, you can share different ideas controversial or non-controversial ideas. You can share something as simple as modeled trains or even something controversial, such as politics.

YouTube has become a home for censoring information. There is certain information that they don’t want others to hear. Even if the information is true. That information should still be allowed on platforms such as YouTube and other media outlets.

Sometimes people do not know that they are wrong. By allowing that speech of misinformation, you can get to the root cause of things, and both parties will grow as a result once they’ve found the truth. But you cannot get to the truth unless you have all sides able to debate.

Many special interest groups want to censor others. It is important to be vigilant in the fight for free speech. I want to live in a society that allows me to write books, make audiobooks, and other content to put out. Do you?

Recognize that your free speech is also another person’s free speech. You shouldn’t advocate for censorship. Once you go down this path, you only invite yourself to be censored. When you’re censored, don’t expect others to come to your defense. I intend to foster a society where we are all free to speak our minds, especially when there’s a controversial issue. Letting those who disagree with you speak can alleviate that animosity and ultimately foster a society of peace and prosperity.