Chess: For the Love of the Game

Adam Rothstein
2 min readMay 17, 2021
Chessboard with timers

If you’re a chess fan, take some time and enjoy the game. Teach others how to play the game. Call up an old friend and play a few games. You can reconnect and catch up. Have a cup of coffee and share those special moments with your friends. You can also use chess as a way to open up about difficult times.

If you meet someone who’s never played the game, teach them about it. Teach those people the history of chess, how it’s played and why you enjoy it. Teach those people how to pieces move, how pieces eliminate other pieces, what a check is, and what a checkmate means.

Take some time for yourself. Playing chess is a good use of your free time. Not only will you become more skilled at the game, but this can also translate to everyday tasks in your life. Use chess as an exercise to help you plan your next project or next business venture.

There are new games today that don’t make you think or strategize. Chess is one game that has transcended hundreds of generations and is played today by billions of people.

If you have children teach them about chess. Not only will you teach them about strategizing, but you will also bond with them and build a lasting relationship. Finally, teach your kids that this is a fun game that should be enjoyed by all who play it and watch it.