Chess Is For Everyone

Adam Rothstein
2 min readAug 29, 2021
Booby Fischer thinking about his next move

Hello again, my friend it’s Adam Rothstein. We are living in an era where we are politically divided, added. People are searching for a purpose and some fun, and maybe even some new skills. What I think can make a huge improvement in everyone’s life, Is if they learned the game chess. Not only would this help people strategize in the game, but it would also help them plan out their life, their days, and even their daily tasks.

Thinking a few moves ahead can help you with whatever you are doing in your life. Chess has often been considered an intellectual game. I do not view it as that. I view it as a game that can be for everyone. It is the perfect game for self-development. When I was eight years old, I learned about chess.

I learned everything I could about the game. I learned about all the moves and how each piece could affect another. Whether it was upon taking a Rook or a night taking a Bishop or whatever combination of pieces defeating another, it was chess is not overly complicated. If you can understand the game, you can improve your life. Learning the rules can benefit you and prepare you for what’s ahead in life.

From getting that assignment turned in on time, to finding the perfect partner and basic strategy skills. Chess also helps you create a mindset of perseverance when all things seem down, and it looks like you’re about to lose the game. You can still come out on top. Bobby Fisher lost a queen at a crucial point in a game, and still won that game.

To win the game. That is why Fischer is considered one of the greatest chess masters of all time.

I believe if you pick up chess, even as a short time hobby, it can benefit you with whatever you set out to you in life. Many people in this world need a purpose. And want to have fun. If you can learn chess and or teach it to other people, you have benefited the world. If you want to learn more about chess, head to my website and pick up a copy of my audiobook, Chess: The Game For Peace and Prosperity.

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