Create a playlist for yourself

Adam Rothstein
2 min readSep 24, 2021
Spotify Playlist image

Playlists have shaped the way we listen to music. We have had playlists ever since the cassette recorder. To make a playlist back then, you had to have a cassette player with a built-in radio. Or you needed to record the songs externally. Back in the 1970s and the 1980s, you could get a recording feature on a cassette player. We were able to record soundtracks, singles, and every hit that came on the radio.

Soon after music stores started to sell both albums and singles. Over 40 years ago, an album cost almost$ 30 to buy. Today you can go on your phone and listen to almost any song. It’s amazing. Or you could buy an older iPod and download songs from apple music for $1.25.

Music is incredibly cheap now. Pandora is a great music platform as well. Once you sign up for Pandora you can listen to music for free. But that also includes ads. You can get rid of the ads by purchasing the premium version. You also have YouTube music. YoutTube Music has a one-month trial, and then you begin paying the subscription. Apple Music has a three-month trial, and then you start paying.

You need to be on your ‘A’ game when you complete assignments or finish your projects and everything in between. You’re not going to be able to get that if. You know, if you’re listening, if you’re not in the right headspace. Music can give you that nice burst of energy, certainly like rock and roll can keep you going, as some classic symphonies. Some nice jazz music or coffee house music can help you relax when you study.

So definitely consider making a playlist for yourself and give it a listen whenever you need to study, finish a project, or an assignment because it’s worth it. I tend to have better days whenever I listen to random songs on Spotify. So if you don’t have a playlist, create one and listen to it whenever you need to get that project done.