Encourage people to come to your website

Adam Rothstein
2 min readDec 6, 2021
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Social media has allowed billions of people to connect across the world from various continents. However, before social media took over the internet, email was the primary form of internet communication. During the early 2000s, social media was slowly becoming more popular. Once MySpace launched, the internet began to change. People now had an easier time messaging strangers. No longer did you have to email random people in the hopes of getting a connection.

While the new structure of social media made it easier to message people, it still had its problems. You could mistype a message, and it may say something different from what you truly meant. Even when the message was correctly written, things could still get lost in translation. The other downside was that there was no community.

Community allows you to build yourself and others up. You can create traditions and do certain activities based on your group. When it comes to an activity such as sports, you go to a field to play the game. Online, you need to announce the event. It can either be through email, social media accounts, or from your website directly. Set the date, set up a zoom meeting, and hang out. It’s that simple. We can now connect online set the date and have our events online or in person. Social media is just a way to bring attention to this.

Encouraging people to come over to your website may be tricky. Offer free events. Have personal meetups and shake hands. Let people know what’s going on. You should also encourage your community members to share event info, who you are, and what your website is about. Social media may be a good tool to build an audience. But nothing comes close to growing your tribe on sites that you control.

Today, you can build a website within a day and register a domain name. You can announce the events and sell products right away. You don’t have to worry about ad space on your site. Perhaps the best thing about encouraging people to come over to your website is that you will eventually find people that are interested in what you’re selling or hosting.