How good writing can lead to good narrating and voice acting

Adam Rothstein
2 min readFeb 7, 2021

Good writing can lead to great storytelling. This leads to great narrating and voice acting. A great story can keep the reader engaged. For people narrating their audiobook, the story becomes like an instructional manual. Once the story has been edited, you’re ready to record. Now all you need is a microphone, editing software, and a voice.

While the story may be excellent, you will still need to do your part when it comes to narrating. As you’re reading the story, put yourself in the characters’ shoes. If you’re just narrating, pause one second after you complete each sentence and then start reading again.

When you are doing the voices of your characters, you may struggle to switch your tone from one character to the other. Don’t worry about reading a certain paragraph all at once. Remember, we read stories one sentence at a time. If you’re struggling to find the right tone, pause the recording, then mimic that character’s mannerisms. After this, click record again and act out the character’s lines. It may not be perfect, but at least you have a recording to edit.

You may have never recorded an audiobook before, but if you have a voice you can narrate. If you can write well, you can tell a good story. Authors and narrators can tell a good story. Both an author and a narrator can keep a reader and listener intrigued. With great storytelling, you can create something that everyone will want to listen to or read.