How I am Completing My Master Course

Adam Rothstein
2 min readApr 23, 2021
Photo of a business course

I am creating a business course that involves helping the average Joe create and publish audiobooks. There have been many hurdles with building this course. There were many things that I had to learn along the way. I genuinely believed that I understood most of it. However, while I did, the one thing that I didn’t know how to do well was creating the instructional videos.

As I made the instructional videos, I made so many errors. I often made would misspeak. One of the other mistakes that I made was filming. There were so many videos that I made, where the video was blurry. If there is one thing you take from this short article, it should be this. Don’t use Zoom to film instructional videos unless you are using a Microsoft or Linux computer. When I first started recording, the videos seemed like they turned out fine, and of course, they did. But as I continued doing internal recordings, the quality diminished.

In terms of what videos to produce, it always seemed as if I needed to produce another video. When it came to logging in or creating accounts, I felt as if I couldn’t just leave a PDF. While I made the PDFs for some simple things, I still produced the videos, walking the user through the process. When I completed those modules it felt satisfying.

The biggest takeaway that I have learned is that I can’t rush the process. I thought that I would finish building this course weeks ago. However, as I’m writing my next book and producing the audiobook, it is taking longer than I expected. I must proofread and relisten to my book and audiobook to make sure that it’s ready for market. Don’t rush the process. Learn from your mistakes and learn often and fast. This has been one challenge that I have enjoyed going through. I recommend that anyone who has knowledge in a particular area and enjoys that industry creates an online course through Kartra or Kajabi.