How I Produced Several Audiobooks For Audible

Adam Rothstein
2 min readSep 8, 2021
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Audible is the most popular place on the internet to listen to audiobooks. To produce these audiobooks, narrators and authors have to register and sign up for an ACX account. ACX is the backend site where you upload the audio segments to audiobooks. Anyone can sign up for ACX and audible and start producing audiobooks.

I got interested in producing audiobooks nearly two years ago. I wanted to make stories that people wanted to hear. The first audiobook that I made was ‘Growing the Game’: Baseball’s Popularity, History, Rules and How to Grow Baseball’.

I specifically wrote this book to grow the sport of baseball. Hence the title. It was an excellent way to get my feet wet on ACX. Before this, I produced another audiobook for a client about basketball. As a simple narrator applying for gigs, you will not be paid through the website but rather through a service such as Paypal.

Marketing your audiobooks:

Marketing your audiobooks can be tricky. But if you have an email list with a few hundred people, you’ll make money from it. While I may not have hundreds of email subscribers, I can still reach out to my few dozen clients and show off what I have. So make some connections and relationships because it’s those people that will help you succeed.

Editing the audio segments:

There are specific standards that you need to meet before your audiobook can be on Audible. These standards also apply to other audiobook platforms. One of the standards involves you segmenting your audio clips by chapter. There must be certain sections so that it tells the listener which chapter he or she is on.

Meeting the volume level requirements is the easy part. But it’s meeting the bit rate that can get tricky. The standard bit rate is 192 Kbps. That is kilobits per second. This is what is used to output your audio and measure the audio’s decibel level.

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