How I sold 100 audiobooks

Adam Rothstein
2 min readJun 20, 2022
Chess: The Game For Peace and Prosperity Main Cover

Selling 100 of anything is quite an accomplishment. You have to put in a lot of hard work, and it takes a lot of time. Selling audiobooks is much different than selling physical items. People can find your audiobook through any major audiobook platform such as Audible, Chirp, or Also, your audiobook will is featured under the new releases section.

Creating the audiobook involves more processes than you would think. When I first narrated my audiobook, “Chess: The Game For Peace of Prosperity”, I had to divide each chapter into separate MP3 files. There needed to be an introduction, closing, and main body sections. To get your audiobook available for the market, you need to go to a website such as ACX or FindAway Voices. It could take up to a month to see your audiobook on audiobook platforms. ACX, FindAway Voices, and Authors Republic need time to verify that you have met their audio requirements.

Meeting the audio requirements is the most challenging part of the process. You need to keep an RMS level of -23 to -19dB RMS, have a peak value of -3dB, and a maximum -60 dB noise floor. The audio files must be mono MP3 files with a 192 kbps constant bit rate at 44.1kHz. Now you may be wondering to yourself, what does any of this mean? You don’t need to have a deep understanding of audio engineering. You just need to learn the basics of meeting the audio quality. I have a free PDF to help you with the process.

PDF link:

Marketing was the next challenging step. I went on several podcasts and promoted the audiobook on my podcast. FindAway Voices also helps your audiobook be seen once it’s released. I had already sent out promotional emails to my email list and put samples out wherever I could. Putting out samples can incentivize the listener to buy your audiobook.

In Late May of 2022, I crossed the 100 audiobook sales threshold. My hard work paid off. As long as you have a place to market, an email list, and friends who will share your audiobook, you can cross that threshold. I have only made about $38 because I priced the audiobook at $3.00. Also, If you have a long audiobook that’s many hours long it will be automatically priced higher. This has been a wonderful experience and I plan to release more audiobooks in the future. My goal is to sell 2,000,000 total audiobooks.

Link to Chess: The Game For Peace and Prosperity Audiobook: