How Picture Audiobooks Can Teach Kids How to Read

Adam Rothstein
2 min readMar 16, 2021


Teaching your kids to read can be difficult. Audiobooks have been around for decades. Many children have grown up learning how to read with some form of an audiobook. Whether that was a cassette, CD, or MP3 file. Typically, young children would follow along with a physical book as the audio on a cassette or CD was played.

Today we have apps like audible and There are audiobooks for everyone. In addition to this, picture audiobooks can help children learn the words as they follow along with the story. By having this style of learning, young kids are more likely to have an easier time sounding out words.

Rewatching the story again is another way to help them learn vocabulary. When people typically read a new story and come across a new word, they may not understand it at first. They may have to reread the sentence a paragraph over again until they understand that word. What separates picture audiobooks from regular audiobooks is that you can replay it, see how the word is spelled and how it’s pronounced. This is a stepping stone to help children learn vocabulary, pronunciations, and the spelling of words.

In this brand new digital world, you can put a picture audiobook on any digital device, such as an iPad. This is a perfect way to teach children through devices. These picture audiobooks can be used in schools to teach young children the alphabet and how to sound out words. This technology is a new way of learning and entertainment.

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