My experience with FindAway Voices and how I sold two audiobooks internationally

Adam Rothstein
2 min readSep 15, 2021
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FindAway Voices is one of the top places online to put your audiobook if you want to get it across multiple audiobook platforms. FindAway Voices takes a 30% cut from each audiobook you sell. They also take a certain percentage for taxes.

On the site, you will upload your audio content with the standard guidelines on ACX. There will then be content blocks where you can drag and drop your audio segments. You will not be able to upload the audiobook as one file. Each audiobook app needs to know which section needs to know where the listener is at in the audiobook. That way, when the listener goes back to finish the audiobook, they have no trouble finding where they left off.

In my experience, it was a little bit difficult to get started. There were some system issues on the backend at first. But I reached out to someone from the tech department, and I eventually got my audiobook on different platforms. Getting the audiobook on Audible took a little longer. Typically, your audiobook might take an extra 15 days to get on Audible. However, you can still sell your audiobook on other platforms such as Chirp and

FindAway Voices has allowed me to sell my audiobooks across the world. Recently, I sold my recent audiobook in Canada and Australia. I didn’t even know I sold them in those countries until I opened my sales report. It was so satisfying to see those sales.

The fact that we now have services that can help you distribute your audiobook in other countries is nothing short of amazing. With a service such as FindAway Voices, your audiobook gets on dozens of platforms. Some of those audiobook companies are in other countries. As soon as your audiobook goes on sale, it is seen as ‘new’ to its user’s and your audiobook will be seen by everyday customers who keep coming back.

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