My experience with producing audio e-cards

Adam Rothstein
3 min readSep 2, 2021


A photo of the e-card

Hello there again my friend. It’s Adam Rothstein. I have learned quite a lot over these past 18 months. One of the things that I’ve learned to do quite well is producing audio e-cards. Now audio e-cards are just like what they sound like. They are E-cards with a sample of audio or video to produce these e-cards.

For making e-cards, I use Canva and Adobe Premiere Pro. These tools help me import audio files with a JPEG or another video. You can customize any file that you want to produce any audio e-card. E-cards can be for special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, holidays, and school graduations, take a meme and produce an e-card with it.

All you have to do is get the JPEG or the PNG file of the meme, and then just add some audio on top of it, and there you go. You have created your first e-card.

Now, I do enjoy selling e-cards on the side. I certainly love to produce e-cards with my favorite characters, such as Darth Sidious. I even make my original e-card ideas, such as ones with sports themes. I enjoy giving my customers a wonderful experience, something they’ll remember on that special occasion. The world is vast. You can produce almost anything digitally, whether it is video games, books, audiobooks, or e-cards. This is something I want to do.

And if it helps or if it entertains someone just once, then I believe I’ve made the difference with them. The added audio for entertainment. I do like to make the audio e-cards for at least 30 seconds. I also can customize these e-cards specifically for my customers, whether I have a specific message or play a royalty-free song along on the e-card.

For payment. I usually use PayPal and Stripe. I send PayPal invoices to my clients. Once they have paid me, I will send the file. Uh, usually an MP4 file back to them, and then they can write me a review. I think That this is going to become the next great business idea.

Now, many e-cards have been produced before. I may move into the physical realm and have certain e-cards delivered. Uh, to both via email and produce physical cards to be mailed out to my clients, this article as inspiration, no, that you can produce anything and turn it into a business.

No one thought 17 years ago that you could make money from producing videos on YouTube and blogging your travels and adventures. I am making money with clients during the holiday season. Hopefully, I can expand on this idea. I plan to create digital postcards for famous cities, such as Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Miami.

If you would like to contact me to produce an audio e-card, check out my website and hit me up in the chat box.