My Goal to Sell Three Million Books

Adam Rothstein
2 min readSep 30, 2021



Writing books can be quite a challenge. Planning out can become a bit tricky. Especially when you have many different ideas popping up in your head. When it comes to writing books, a draft or an outline will help you significantly. It is okay to write down those random thoughts, but remember that draft or outline will be the difference-maker.

I have a goal to sell three million books, both physically and in audio form. Books have shaped our society for the better. I want to be a difference-maker. I want to improve as many people’s lives as possible. This mindset has helped many authors achieve success. This also should be your goal. Don’t write things just to write things. Everything that you write should have something that can benefit the reader.

The next book that I’m writing is about board games and card games. Board games and card games can teach us a lot about human behavior and how to strategize. My goal with this book is to help people find peace, how to build communities, and build their skills with each board game.

Today is perhaps the time to write a book. In an era of Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other online publishers, you could potentially write a book in one day and have it published online. 30 years ago, that wasn’t even a thought. No one had thought that it would even be possible. Don’t squander on writing a book. Get out there, write your book and then find someone who can help you distribute and sell the book. It may be costly upfront, but it’s certainly worth it.