Save your MP3 files

Adam Rothstein
2 min readMar 5, 2021

CDs, DVDs, and other digital formats once dominated the entertainment space. Whether that was a movie, video game, song, etc., there was something about physically owning your entertainment. It was always enjoyable holding a copy of your favorite video game, or being the first in line to get that new CD.

In this digital age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to convert your files to a physical format. There is a lack of CDs being made, cassette tapes haven’t been produced in over a decade and video game cartridges bit the dust decades ago. To combat this issue of storing media, you will need your hard drive and copies of your digital media. There are still many places that still sell terabyte drives and flash drives. Also, you can still find places that sell blank DVDs.

The main reason I advocate for saving your MP3 files to a physical format is that there could be data deleted from your hard drive to clear up space or some centralized power could decide to delete your media from its platform. Whether that’s an audiobook, YouTube video, etc. If you want people to see your content and don’t have the backups, you’ve lost all your hard work. Don’t be the guy or girl that does the hard work only to find out you’ve lost it all.

It may seem tougher to deal with a library of media, but it is resourceful to physically pick out something off the shelf rather than dig through your computer to find it.

I’m not sure if we will ever see a return to physical media, but you should keep your backup files physical if you can. In this age of censorship, people have been banned and their content has also been banned. If you have your backup files ready to go, you can repost your content somewhere else and still get your message out.