Studio Recording VS Closet Recording

Adam Rothstein
2 min readMar 2, 2021


Studio recording setup

When it comes to getting that perfect recording for that audiobook, narration, or song, you may be tempted to rent out studio space. Renting Studio space can cost the average person anywhere from $50 to hundreds of dollars per hour. Recording studios may be out of your way when it comes to time and money. To save on costs, you can record your audio samples at home for little to nothing when it comes to recording.

To get that studio-quality recording at home, you will need a closet, carpet or rugs, a computer with recording software, a microphone, and many other items to help eliminate any background noise. These things may seem peculiar to use for a simple recording, but it is necessary if you want to have that studio-quality recording. If you live near a busy street or have loud neighbors, you could have a lot of background noise if you don’t have a way to help eliminate it. The rugs and extra items can help you eliminate any excess echoes or background noise by providing that extra sound barrier. Now you don’t have to worry about background noise as much and focus on recording your content.

Once you have everything set up in your closet, you are ready to record your audio content. The next step is to step inside your closet, close the door and leave it ajar. The reason why you should leave the door ajar is that you need air to circulate. You don’t want to overheat yourself or your computer.

Studio recording can be worth the investment if you have the money to invest in it. Sometimes you can even find a voice-over coach and hire him/her. Having someone to guide you, whether you’re singing or narrating, can help you get the best results. Another benefit of being in the studio is the access to different microphones and recording booths. At the recording studios, you can find the perfect microphone and booth for your needs.

There is no perfect way to record audio content. As long as you have the equipment, voice, and space. You can record something special pretty much anywhere.