Tetris the Video Game That Cuts Through Any Era of Gaming

Adam Rothstein
2 min readFeb 22, 2021
Tetris on the NES

When it comes to modern-day video gaming and VR games, it’s hard to imagine how a simple 2D puzzle game can still be one of the most common games played today. Most people have played at least a game of Tetris at some point in their lives. What makes the game transcendent across generations is the fact that this game works on almost any digital device.

Tetris can be played on any gaming platform. Whether it’s an Atari or PS4, you can find a way to put Tetris on the gaming system. Games such as Minecraft and GTA 5, require advanced gaming engines so that the game can be played properly. Tetris doesn’t need an advanced system. This allows for Tetris to be rereleased every generation with new modes and the classic gameplay we all knew growing up.

What keeps Tetris fresh are the newer games with many different modes. For example, in Tetris Party, there is a mode where you have to get a piece through multiple barriers. There is also a mode where you can play another person online. With the innovations, Tetris will always be fresh in people’s minds and on their gaming system.

Once Tetris made its way across the world, everyone was intrigued. Anyone who was anyone got in on the action, whether that was on a PC, NES, or some other system. Today, anyone can go online to play Tetris and enjoy it. You don’t have to own a console, you can just search for it and play the game on your computer. Tetris is now available for unusual devices such as the Apple Watch. Now, with a small tap on your wrist, you can play the game anywhere, as well as pause the game to take a phone call. Whether it’s a primitive system or a modern system, there is a version of the game for everybody.

Tetris was designed to be a simple video game where anyone could play. Whether that was on the go, your gaming system, or other electronic devices. Anybody that has an electronic device can play Tetris. There are many different versions of the game made for each era and console. Every generation of video gaming may have amazing games. They can never compare to a simple game with an easy learning structured that can be played on any system. Tetris doesn’t require advanced graphics or complex rules. All that’s required are simple controls, your hands, and your favorite device to play it on.