The Basics of Pond Hockey

Adam Rothstein
2 min readAug 23, 2022


Wooden Hockey goal

Pond hockey is a unique version of hockey. Playing outside is rare. For outdoor hockey games, you either have artificial ice such as synthetic ice, or need to be in a cold climate to play pond hockey. It is the first version of ice hockey ever created. The game has evolved ever since then. Many kids and adults enjoy playing outside in the winter to celebrate classical memories or create new ones.

Pond hockey is a cheaper way of playing hockey rather than going to the rink. Most ponds are public or open to the public, or they are in nature. You don’t need goalies to play on the ice. You can set up some wooden boxes. And a scoring system from there.

Pond hockey usually has a four-on-four game, not the typical five-on-five with a goalie. Although you can still have games outside five on five with goalies, most people will play pond hockey without goalies. Switching to skates from your snow boots may be difficult at first if you’ve never done this. If you are close to the ice and put your boots in a safe location, it should be no problem for you.

To get started, place your stick in center the ice. Have everyone else place their sticks at center ice and divide the sticks randomly. Put one stick on one side of the ice, then another stick on the other side of the ice. Repeat this until each stick is on one side of the ice. Once you have everything set, have a face-off and enjoy the game.

If you have never played pond hockey, I highly suggest you get some friends together and play. If you are in a warm climate, I suggest buying synthetic ice to replace this. Also, make sure you have enough land to set up a decent-sized rink, but it’s always better to play on a pond in the winter in a cold climate.

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