Why I Encourage Everyone To Get Off Of Instagram

Adam Rothstein
2 min readNov 30, 2021
Hacked Instagram accounts

Instagram is a social media website where people all across the globe post their food, games, sports, and bodies. You can discover new people, things and places. However, this is not the optimal place for interacting.

Recently I was trying to help out a friend. Or so I thought. The hacker got a hold of his account and then was able to get a hold of mine. While I was trying to update my email info, I got thrown out and was unable to log back in. The account then started to post things about bitcoin. I couldn’t believe it. How could typing in the wrong email address or typing in a misspelled email address result in me being hacked? Although this is not a traditional hack this still leaves your Instagram account open to so many vulnerabilities.

By typing in one less letter, number or character, someone else can gain access to your account. Since when is that okay. How can an Instagram account be taken over so easily? Meta, the parent company of Instagram needs to have more security protocols in place to prevent this from happening ever again.
After the email change, the hacker put in a different number, and from there, there was no way of getting back in. I had many of my friends report the account and posts. As of writing this, my old Instagram account is still up. I had many people unfollow me as well. Fortunately for me. I still have many of the photos saved and used Instagram to promote my other content. Whether that was a podcast, YouTube video, or Medium article.

I don’t think I’ll ever go back to Instagram again. I want to be in complete control of all messages that go out and I want those messages secured. Emails to people are harder to hack and email addresses are more secured than a simple social media account.

Having social media accounts that can be hacked could leave you with no followers if you don’t have an email list. Email lists can help you secure your followers. Email lists get your followers off of a site such as Instagram and onto media that you control. If you have followers on any social media platform, start an email list. You can attract new followers as well when you make a signup page.

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