Why I’m advertising a book in addition with my mastery course

Adam Rothstein
2 min readFeb 1, 2021

Building an online course is not that complicated. But writing and recording a book/audiobook along with the course can get complicated. At this time, I am writing a nonfiction book about Tetris. I’m also recording videos for the mastery course. Once I have these two things completed, can I put my course together on Kajabi and sell it.

If people purchase my mastery course, show off my book/audiobook and tell people to download it, I am more likely to earn more revenue and keep potential customers. There is a specific point in the course where I will show this off. Once the user reaches that point, they will be informed where to go and what the book looks like. In addition to this, I will also ask for reviews, so that I can build notoriety and get other people that weren’t my customers to buy my audiobook/book.

Killing two birds with one stone is always the optimal choice. By having a book to go along with my course, I can get new people who bought the Tetris book to buy my course. By letting people know what you have, you open the door to all new possibilities. I recently spoke to someone interested in an audiobook mastery course. Informing that customer that I have other products will lead me to more revenue. Even if the customer doesn’t buy the book, I can still keep him/her in the loop on what comes out in the future.

I would recommend this method to anyone building an online course. People such as Pat Flynn have used a similar method. However, all that the buyer had to do was to buy one of his books. Don’t be afraid to try new ways to sell more products. Remember, the entire point of your business is to generate revenue. Being able to generate cash flow is the key to success.