Why Model Trains Are a Great Hobby

Adam Rothstein
2 min readFeb 28, 2021
HO Steam Train

Model trains have been a thing since the 19th century. All that’s required are tracks, the train set, electricity and a place to run the trains. It’s the perfect hobby for anyone that loves trains. You can recreate train lines from cities across the world or create your own town. The only limits are your imagination.

The price can vary depending on what you buy. If you buy an O gauge set, you can spend up to $400. Ho sets tend to be priced around $100. The hobby itself is not a cheap one if you intend to do a full layout and buy additional sets.

The most fun thing about model trains is probably the sound effects. There are many different programs where you can add your own sound effects and voices. It is a fun way to add some variety when you run your trains.

Model trains also open the door to new avenues of income. For example, you can film your trains running on your layout and upload it to YouTube. If you edit your videos well, you can get monetize and earn some cash. Flipping different models is also a way to earn money. Flipping is nothing new. Many models are discontinued after only one year of being out. If you buy a specific model and then sell it the following year you can make a decent profit.

Model trains are something anyone can enjoy. You don’t need to be a particular age. All you need is your ability to connect the tracks and complete the rest of the setup. There is nothing like kicking back and having the trains run. Whether you’re entertaining guests, or just enjoying your free time, there is something special about trains running on a layout.