Why Tetris is the perfect video game

Adam Rothstein
3 min readDec 27, 2020
Tetris on the Nintendo Entertainment System

With all of the new console games and VR games (virtual reality games), it’s hard to think that an ancient title such as Tetris is still an excellent video game. When Tetris was first created, it captivated the imagination of its users. The concept of laying blocks down row by row and clearing the board was intriguing to anyone who played it.

When the game made its way to other markets worldwide, everyone wanted to play it. The Gameboy originally sold with a copy of the game. Tetris helped sell 60 million units worldwide. With this success, Tetris is now the most sold video game after factoring for all platforms. The game has reached every technological market in the world. Anyone who has ever played video games has at least heard of the game, and the game is still played by tens of millions of people today.

Tetris doesn’t require a fancy system to play the game. Any console can play the game. Although it may appear graphically better on some consoles, the concept stays the same, and the gameplay is the same. You can play the game on many different consoles, arcade machines, and computers, from the Atari 2600 to the PlayStation 5. Tetris isn’t just limited to computers and consoles. You can now play the game on the Apple Watch. Twenty years ago, that was nothing but science fiction. Today it’s a reality. Whatever device you can think of, there is a version of Tetris for it.

The game itself is the perfect stress reliever. Playing a quick game and getting lost in its theme song helps you forget about your everyday problems. The simplicity of Tetris can help you focus on the game. Which in turn, helps you forget about your stresses. There have been many studies that suggest that video games as a whole relieve stress. One study in particular from Psychology Today, suggests that by having an outlet for creativity and freedom, we fuel an important component of what we need as human beings.

Tetris also makes an excellent video game for tournaments. Every year there is a Tetris tournament held in Portland, Oregon. Players compete on the classic NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) in two-player games. The prizes of these tournaments can vary, depending on what kind of tournament the players are competing in. The prizes of the tournaments range from $5,000 to millions of dollars.

Simple, easy to learn video games can be played by anyone. Tetris is one of the most simplistic video games ever created. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to play, but it does take a whole lot of effort to master. Just like chess, you can learn the game, but it takes years to truly master. There may be many tips and tricks you don’t pick up on right away. But once you do, you will become a master at the game. The game is free, can be found on multiple websites, and can be played on any electronic device that you could imagine.