You Can Provide Value to the World

Adam Rothstein
3 min readSep 7, 2021
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You can provide value anywhere in the world. Think about that for a minute. So the other night, I sold a course. It was the first mastery course that I ever sold. The cost was $200. The course is on Gumroad, and Gumroad took its 8.5% fee plus a 30 cent fee on top of it. So I wound up with about $182 at the end of it all. So after the taxes and the fees, I managed to come out on top. That is 182 dollars going into the bank account.

Now the reason why I wanted to write this today, is because I wanted to remind you all that you can provide value anywhere. Just think about this. If the internet did not exist, I think I probably would have been a restauranteur. I probably would have built a book cafe at this point. That’s because I enjoy books and audiobooks, but there is always at least one in every town. It’s a place to provide value, whether you are working a nine to five or you’re your boss, you’re an entrepreneur, or you are a freelancer, or you write books. Something along those lines, or you are the guy working overtime at the diner.

You were providing value to someone. It may not be the best, but that value can transcend. You can use that to build yourself up and invest that into yourself. Invest that into a 401k and go forward. There is so much value in this world to be had and to be found.

We’re going to be in the Ready Player One universe scene. In maybe five or ten years. So I don’t want to scare you too much on that. So we’re going to find new ways with mining for Bitcoin or mining other crypto coins, like in Super Mario Brothers. In the future, you might be able to collect coins in video games and use those coins to purchase real-life items. There is probably value to it.

On an unrelated note, Mr. Beast just entertained me for like 15 minutes, and that guy Lincoln won the $500,000 prize. It’s better than reality TV. It’s a new thing. Like no one was thinking of these challenges.

The concept of here’s $10,000, win a challenge, or here’s a briefcase of money, go and spend it is brand new. If you pitched any of these ideas in the 1990s, well, not only would you be laughed out of the room, but even still, if someone could afford it, I don’t think anyone would even invest in it. With this, we should be grateful for the internet so that people like Mr. Beast could be found and take a risk to entertain us all.

The internet has been a negative thing for most people. It’s probably hard to say if we are better off without it because if it never existed, I would not be publishing content right now. Maybe I’d be writing another book. If the internet never existed, I think I would’ve gotten married and settled down. But that never happened. So I’m here today writing this article.

The one thing I want to say before I let you go is that wherever you are, you can provide value, and you can make it. If I can sell one course for $200 on the internet, I think I’m doing pretty well. Most people don’t attempt this in their lives, but I decided to take the plunge. I did that so that I could improve the lives of strangers and those that I know personally.

I sort of know where I would’ve been. I can’t say for sure. I would know where I’d be in, in a world without the internet, but if I had to guess, I probably would have been a restauranteur at this point. The reason I would go this way is that there will always be a demand for a cafe.

So yeah, that’s probably what I’d be, just in case you’re curious. But once again, don’t be afraid to get out there and show what you got because your value can change someone’s world. So until the next one stay safe, stay great, and I’ll talk to you then.

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